Our Story

Why Our Fabrics Are A CUT ABOVE

Amalfi Woolen Group and Rosenthal Woolens have worked alongside key players in the garment industry since 1917. Today, with technological advancements in production and material procurement, fabric quality has never been better. Working with top Italian fabric mills, including DRAGO and Marzoni, both companies have access to the latest trends, styles, colors, and patterns for your custom clothing business.

Amalfi Woolen Group and Rosenthal Woolens procure their fabrics from well-respected Italian mills with decades of experience. These mills have spent years developing a distribution channel providing you with the rarest fibers that are both durable and soft to the touch: The best wool from Australia and New Zealand, Cashmere from Mongolia, and  various other fibers like Silk, Linen, and Cotton.

Our companies have a deep knowledge of spinning the finest worsted wool ranging from Super 120’s to Super 210’s. Each collection is carefully curated by season and style to save you time to run your own business without having to worry about compiling it yourself. We provide you with everything you need including detailed lookbooks and sample books for each collection we offer, along with our expertise and insight whenever you need us.


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